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About me

 I’m a Yoga Alliance certified RYT 200 hr Hatha – Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

I  completed my training at JogaYogaTraining in Bali.


I like to call myself: 

Vinyasa Flow & Meditation Teacher

My Story

So how did I find yoga? Or should I say: How did yoga find its way to me?

Up until I was 17 I had only heard about the word yoga a few times and actually never really knew what it was or about its benefits. My story actually starts back in my final year of high school when I was suffering a lot from exam anxiety and panic attacks. One of my personal tutors recommended me to try meditation to calm down my mind and thoughts and gave me audios to listen to. I then went and tried these, and they turned out to help a lot to get me through exam period even though my anxiety was still there.

After I graduated, I then went on and forgot about the meditations but half a year later found myself travelling in Thailand by myself. It was at the end of my trip that I felt the needed to spend time with just myself and wanted to dive deeper into meditation. Finally, I went on and did a yoga retreat for one week that also included meditation (because I sadly couldn’t find any suitable meditation retreats) and as it turns out it completely transformed me. Not only physically but also mentally it helped me understand what I wanted to spend my time focusing on: yoga and meditation.

The turning point

And from then on it all started, I spent the summer 2017 in Barcelona where I went to as many yoga classes as possible because I had sworn to myself to not let this go and practice as much as I can. I basically stopped doing most other sports I used to do was just focused on yoga (& establishing a daily meditation practice).

Time flies and one year later I found myself in Bali doing a yoga teacher training at Joga Yoga Training. Also one of the most transforming experiences I have ever had and something I can recommend to anyone, whether it is to improve your own practice or if you have ever had the thought about teaching! 


I’ve been blessed to work with amazing students from all over the world. Read what some of them are saying about my classes.

Had such a spiritual experience with Elena, a teacher of the highest standard. Peace x
Charley Worsley
I took yoga classes in Valencia with Elena. Her classes were amazing, full of positive energy. She is a professional teacher. Something that I especially like about her method is that she examines each student's posture and tries to adjust it to do it better. I totally recommend her yoga classes.
Majid Khorami
It was very nice to do yoga with Elena. She is really patient with beginners (like I was) and knows how to adapt her sessions to the people in her class. Would definitely recommend, she is super professional 🤗
Julie Lefebvre

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